Mulberry Spring Summer Women accessories are bold and bright colors monochrome leather inject new feeling smooth vinyl material, denim, and a large quantity of silver, and to show a different style. Season re-interpretation of a classic design, such as of indigo denim Bayswater and vinyl made ​​King Roxanne series. Brand new Poppy inspiration from iron knight, Peiyoudaliang zipper, and offers a variety of colors, to shape different day modeling. Women series focus on practicality, but without losing femininity, the essence of the brand's traditional brand of exquisite handmade continuation. The dress is still the focus of the series into the pastel prints, perforated metal zipper, roses decorated and variegated patchwork, bringing together vintage and modern style. Other designs such as English embroidery, quilted and delicate fabrics add gentle texture for spring. Men's accessories simple, monochrome, mainly to cater to the different styles. Denim and silver accessories continue to be a focus on iron knights inspiration Warren series, Justin Holdall oversized denim the Piccadilly and white leather bag with Bailey, season sports and luxury theme perfect match. Men series to bring you the feeling of spring, fabrics are neutral tones, rich texture, tailoring simple fashion. Jumpsuit Men series, to show the vitality of spring; tough iron knight jacket with soft white leather and canvas, can be match Slim jeans; suit satin smooth cotton material, exudes fashion sense of confidence; regardless shirt or a series of loose pants, soft pastel colors printing chiffon to show the brand's classic. MULBERRY and many reborn classic old brand, since 2000 after the injection of new investment, the brand rapid transformation, even in September 2004 won the British Fashion Council awarded the "Best Accessory Designer 2004", the brand is aquite sure. The past few years, the most well-known popular package shall, in addition to the Hermès Birkin appearance the same purpose Bayswater, there are fashionable and functional full Roxanne, each one is expensive and the small number of hit charter The rate is very low. Come to worship in 2012, thanks to celebrities wearing effect from the British a hundred years old MULBERRY can be said to be hot in Taiwan, many ladies carrying it debut countless love with a supermodel in the European region, top supermodel Kate Moss is the well-known models - Bayswater loyal supporters. UK's top brand, established since the early 1970s, British style most innovative avant-garde senior leather. 2000 appointed Nicholas Knightly as a designer, but also establish its elegant, high-quality brand image, and swept the international market in the short term, the United States, Asia is booming. UK Mulberry (Mulberry) has always been a very favorite celebrity fashion brands, Hollywood stars such as Kate Moss, Tom Hanks, Liv Tyler, Scarlett Jonsson, Lin Sha-Lu Shane, Mick Jagger and others, as well as Britain's most fire IT Girl Alexa Chung is Mulberry (Mulberry) loyal love those.